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COVID-19 Has Taught Us How to Market to Millennials

By Nicc Lewis - CEO of Expozive Marketing & Marcom

Finally! COVID-19 has taught us how to Market to Millennials and Gen Zs
Finally! COVID-19 has taught us how to Market to Millennials and Gen Zs

I had the privilege of sitting in on a great web conference, Pivot Don’t Panic, hosted by Lee-Ann Johnstone dealing with Marketing during the Coronavirus pandemic. As I listened in, one thing kept screaming out to me: Finally! We are all starting to understand how to Market to Millennials and Gen Z’s!

Although this was not the topic of the discussion, and most of the attendees did not know that their recommendations directly spoke to this sector - the findings and suggestions were all in the direction of what I have been trying to explain like a crazed Evangelist over the past number of months: Millennials On Demand, talk given at iGaming Minsk, Generation Game to be published in the iFXAsia Magazine in October, and the list goes on.

Who Are They?

The differences between Millennials and Generation Z
The differences between Millennials and Generation Z

Just a quick recap. Millennials are those aged between 25 to 40 and Generation Z are aged below 25. The upper end of Gen Z and Millennials are definitely in the cross hairs of many industries. Their needs and behaviors are very foreign to many people above these age groups, so alien in fact, it is like trying to understand a completely different species.

When we talk about “Experiential Marketing” - we are generally talking about and to these generations.

How COVID-19 Has Turned Us ALL into Millennials

Imagine you are old, like me (I’m 50, which is positively ancient). Look at the older kids, nephews, nieces, etc - anyone over 20, but under 35. Most of the older generations would say that they just sit there online the whole time, chatting only over the internet, never going out, careful with money… you know, all the stereotypes. They have built their own culture where socializing comes online. With house prices way beyond their means, and getting degrees essential, so they know they need to be careful with money. The old forms of entertainment are just not relevant. They do not need to watch scheduled programming - they can watch on demand. Their clubs and bars are multiplayer games. Games that are challenging and social.

Now take a look at yourself just a few days or weeks after being locked in at home because of Coronavirus, and how your habits have changed. Watching much Netflix or other VOD? Spending more time online? If you have kids, are you spending even more time online while your TV is occupied? Spending more time on Social Media and web calls, conferences, video chats with friends and family? Candy Crush seems a little boring?

You are now starting to see the world through the eyes of these two generations. Now think about how you would like to be entertained.

Everyone’s A DJ

Social Media is full of DJs, musicians, keep fit instructors, chefs and crafts teachers (and more). There is a conception that we will leave our homes much heavier (be it fat or muscle) with new skills. We aspire to doing or learning something - some of us will succeed. We are looking for a challenge to the monotony. We are looking for social interaction and feedback.

Supermarkets, food deliveries and fitness equipment are all booming. In the iGaming sector poker and bingo are on the rise. ESports are growing, with the example of the La Liga football stars FIFA competition that got over 180,000 spectators!

We have grown tired of watching 24 hours of doom and gloom and banners on websites. We are taking recommendations of activities from peers.

In short, we are being driven by Experiential Marketing and Influencers. People we trust are recommending things to do that have an element of challenge, skill and social interaction - we have become Millennials!

Adapt Now - BUT Don’t Change

We have learned how to Market to people in the current climate. Once we all go back to “normal” - do not rush to change back. Apply what you have learned to targeting Millennials and Gen Z’s. The upside to this pandemic is that at long last we have learned to Market to our next generation of customers.


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