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Which Package Suites You?

We have a range of packages available to suite any business. Whether you are a start up, SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) or a large corporation with big needs or small needs, we have a flexible plan to that fits your needs....

Expozive Labs Start up package

Expozive Labs

Expozive Consulting & Project Package

Project & Consulting

Expozive Outsourced CMO

Outsourced CMO

Created for Start Ups - Expozive will help you build and execute your Marketing while teaching you to be self-sufficient!

  • Lean project based 6 to 8 months consulting

  • Max 20 hours per month

  • Consulting & Teaching

Packages start from under €1,000

Finite time based project that can include: consulting, strategy building, materials and/or creatives, and, Event Management.

Examples include:

  • Event Project Management, coaching and execution

  • Building Marketing, Content Marketing and diversification strategies

  • Conversion and Retention programs building

Based on bank of hours, packages start from under €2,500

Gain all the benefits of having a top notch Chief Marketing Officer, with experience and contacts at a fraction of the cost of a full time in-house employee.


Plus you will have access to Expozive's network of clients and connections to complement your needs,

Based on required hours per month, packages start from under €3,600


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