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Event Management

Full management services, designed to take away the pain and maximize results:

Event Planning – Budget, overall goals, main messages, booth positioning, sponsorship and speaking, marketing plan, team members and roles and full project plan

Logistics – Full management of communications between the company, the event organizers and booth builders, sourcing all travel arrangements, sourcing goods, shipping arrangements, staff identifiers, sourcing models

Design – full design of booth, materials, marketing materials, advertisements, brochure listings, presentations

Training – preparing the team with KPI’s, goals, roles, training in main messaging and products, booth discipline, daily schedules, speakers and presenters

Post Event – debrief and analysis


Content, PR & Social


Full outsourced Marketing Communications services include:

Content – Content Marketing plan creation, creative content writing on a range of subjects

PR services – Drafting content and distribution

Social – management of social media content across multiple channels

Graphic Design – creative design for web and print

Branding - full creation of branding including logo, brand book, brand identity and materials


Digital Marketing

Research, campaign creation, execution and optimization of campaigns across multiple digital advertising platforms with clear measurable goals.


The process includes:

Research – Analyzing keywords and audiences on Google Keywords, GDN, Social Media channels, plus other paid advertising digital channels

Campaign Creation – Creation of ads or briefs: text, video and banners

Execution & Optimization – Launch campaigns and optimize results to reach clear defined goals

The process includes on-going communications with management and sales to ensure quality traffic


Outsource CMO


The benefits of an experienced Chief Marketing Officer on the team at a fraction of the cost. Take services the hours you need to manage and direct all marketing activities. This service includes:

Marketing Direction & Management – create a marketing direction, plan, budget & activities while managing internal resources


On Site - Regular full days spent on site with the team, plus remote availability

Additional Resources – assistance with sourcing additional outsource marketing resources from a pool of experienced professionals

Network – access to Expozive's extensive network of partners & clients

Branding - full creation of branding including logo, brand book, brand identity and materials

... more

Other services include: consulting on business and/or marketing, consulting on conversion & retention, one off projects, ...

... inf fact, if you need any type of assistance, just ask!

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