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3 Reasons for Content Marketing

Content Marketing has become a buzz in recent times. Basically it means generating brand awareness, leads and SEO ranking by providing quality content through a distribution network. Although this only a superficial look at some of the reasons why Content Marketing is so important, it is a good start.

1. Quality Traffic

Customers who come via content, be it via a piece published on another site, or by your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking tend to convert at a higher rate, have a higher lifetime value and are more loyal. This happens because the person is already in a research phase in their decision making process. They already have intent, and your are visible. Add to this, that in the long run this is also, by far, the least expensive form of client acquisition.

2. Safeguard Your Future

Depending on your industry, you have seen (or may see in the future) restrictions on advertising placed by Google and Facebook. These are the best channels for paid acquisition - by SEO and SERP rankings are always open. If you are receiving traffic from Affiliates, some of their traffic is coming from via this route. As it takes at least 6 to 8 months to get good and stable ranking, it is never too soon to start working on your own ranking. If you see channels of paid acquisition close around you, at least you will have your search ranking to fall back on. You never know, it may even replace some of your traffic even when all is well!

3. Increased Conversions

This is a more obscure reason. Good Content Marketing creates Brand Awareness. Many people feel that Brand Awareness is fine, but you cannot measure it and it does not lead to new clients. Well, you can measure the effectiveness and it comes in 2 guises. Firstly, you should see more direct traffic to your site… people typing www….com in their browsers. Secondly, you should see increased conversion rates across all your acquisition channels as you have already built trust and awareness among your target clients.

If you are not already active in Content Marketing, you need to start now. Agencies, such as Expozive, can help set the strategy and even help with the execution in terms of content and distribution channels. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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