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The Unbearable “Blandness” of Being

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Our world has become bland, mediocre and uninspiring. We lack people who are truly passionate, inspiring and unique. People who are above the norm, that inspire us with their commitment to their field, who break the mold. Look at our music artists, business leaders, many of our politicians - people like Stan Lee, Steve Jobs, Led Zeppelin, JFK, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Bob Marley…

We have learned to be accepted and acceptable. We live our lives trying to be liked. We follow. The problem with following is that it looks backwards & not forward. Being acceptable means compromise and being risk diverse and not leading. Being liked is not being loved. In short we are becoming more homogenized by the day and we are raising a factory line generation. Since the 1950’s the youth have has their own new culture that their parents could not understand, but that furthered humanity. The Economist 2018 article, Teenagers are better behaved and less hedonistic nowadays, states: Young people are indeed behaving and thinking differently from previous cohorts at the same age.

This trend is moving into business and into Marketing. Businesses are putting their heads down, following best practices and data. We are automating data driven decision making and focused on optimizing based on predictions from historical data. This is extremely important and should be a fundamental of any business, but the problem is that we are forgetting something - telling “our” story, being different, being passionate, being creative and inspiring.

The opportunity AI (Artificial Intelligence) and automated data analysis and decision making should be freeing us up to add our creativity, passion and beliefs. We tend more and more to curb anything that may be conceived as different because it may not be accepted or “liked”.

This article may not be accepted or liked, but this is my belief. I believe this will passion and I am not afraid. The reason is that at the core of my belief is that we are looking for someone to believe in again. Someone who is passionate in their belief to the point of inspiring others to be passionate as well. I am convinced that even if people do not agree with you, they will admire your belief (as long as it does not harm anyone or anything); people are willing to forgive minor mistakes if they believe you are honest and speak from the heart.

Take a look at Steve Jobs. By all accounts he was not a perfect person, but he was driven and passionate about his vision. Apple has never been the same without his presence. Whether you are an Apple fan or not, when he stood and presented his vision come to fruition at and Apple launched, it made headline news and we all knew about it.

You do not have to be a household name or brand to live by these principles. Even within a small community or sector you can inspire people to be passionate about you or your brands.

This is why I founded Expozive! Let’s take the basics of Marketing: Analysis, data, best practices and apply them to optimize and personalize. Then, let’s take it to the next level and add that passion, individuality, identity, vision and belief. Let’s be creative, different and make statement. Let’s be memorable. This is what Expozive stands for and believes in - taking your brands to the next level of passion, identity, creativity, vision and being memorable. The results speak for themselves. You have to believe; if you cannot be passionate in your belief, how can expect your clients to be passionate about you!

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