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We need to talk about now & after

Using Expozive Marketing & Marcom Services will save you business now & after COVID-19

By Nicc Lewis, CEO & Founder, Expozive

Using Expozive Marketing & Marcom Services will save you business now & after COVID-19
Think about saving your business time, money, overheads and management

I am sure everyone is feeling the bite both financially and personally with many of us locked up at home and uncertain of the future. Many of you have sent your Marketing teams home, unsure what the future will hold.

We have developed 2 ways that make sense right now for people like you: low cost packages for right now, and, outsourced alternatives to in-house staff when we all get back:

Expozive offers packages of either Content (including images), Social Media Management or both starting at €180 per week. Affordable, effective, flexible and very practical during this time of uncertainty and not know when it may end

Many companies have cut back on Marketing. Whether this is a mistake or not is a different discussion. Many have sent staff home or let good staff go. They are looking at an uncertain future where an immediate

bounce back to business as usual the day after we all go back seems very unlikely. Outsourcing parts of your Marketing should be considered. It is cheaper, more flexible and you only use the time you need.

In trying to save our business during trying time, we have thought creatively. Our solutions are based on solutions that can help save your businesses too. If you, or someone you know would like to chat about these, please contact us. No expectations, no commitments, just a chat for now.

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