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Expozive PR is a service that combines top notch public relations and the fundamental values of Expozive - creativity, cutting edge methods, value for time & money combined with results.

PR is not simply a matter of sending Press Releases, in today's age you need to have a strong content strategy that includes:

  • Engaging PR that tells your story consistently and in the correct language for your audience

  • Written Content and articles showing knowledge leadership in your field

  • Video Content that explains your story and helps your audience engage and understand

  • Influencers endorsements by leading individual bloggers and vloggers

Expozive will help build, execute and measure a winning strategy to engage your audience covering many sectors including: Cryptocurrencies / Blockchain (ICOs, RCOs, Wallets, Exchanges & Brokers), Financial Trading, Gaming, Technology, Start Ups and more.

aim and goals


Set aims & goals

Set plan according to budget

distribution of PR

Publication on 

top channels

Seek & publish

with influencers


Generating PRs

Generate PRs

Generate Articles

Editing & 



Measuring and tracking


Reporting on


Reporting on



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