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Expozive Gets A New Face

The story behind the concept.

Expozive Services
Comic book theme to the brand

The concept of comic book and heroes may seem risky for a business, and certainly I have received comments regarding this, but there is a deeper reason to take this route.

Icon used for Event & Expo Management
Expozive Event & Expo Management

Firstly, the theme is eye catching. It stops people, and any pause in the endless river of information we live in is a win.

Comic books have been used to explain complex issues and matters in a way everyone can understand. The medium allows of representation of mature ideas and issues in a clear way. It also allows to present opinion and values that others may not agree with in an acceptable forum. Look at the early comic books stance on feminism, anti Nazism. There are even those who say Batman challenged traditional family values...

In many countries, the readers and collectors are mostly adult. The story lines have many layers, some touching on very controversial or philosophical subjects. It seems a great forum to present a business and what the business does in a clear and entertaining way.

Adapting to Expozive

The first step was creating a main character. I chose a male, mainly because I identified with him. He was dressed in Expozive colors and carries a version of the Expozive logo as his symbol.

Image used on the About us page
Expozive Team

Other characters were added for the "About us" page, that represented a female and an androgynous characters. The ultimate Super Hero Team.

"...a super power, that when you add it to your business & brands with give you strength..."

The main hero represents a super power, that when you add it to your business & brands with give you strength - the power of Expozive Marketing and Marcom services.

Why the mask?

The addition of the mask is not an accident or a design decision. The mask allows anyone to identify with the character. It could be anyone (granted, they would have to be male), while most may identify it with being me - although I am quick to point out that he has no beard! It is a person that without the mask could be anyone you meet or see and would not know they have super powers.

The mask represents the non-intrusive value of Expozive. The company believes that it comes to a company to enhance and strengthen and not to criticize and demand changes to existing staff.

Icon used for digital marketing
Expozive Digital Marketing Services

The Superman theory?

The theory goes something like this....

Why is Superman different from all other superheroes?

The other superheroes dress up to become their super hero alto ego while Superman dresses up to look human. When he dresses up he tries to pretend to be an ordinary man. It goes on to explain that the mannerisms he chooses are representations of the weaknesses of man, but that's a different story.

In some way, Expozive identifies with this. We apply super brand strength in a simple and human way. Enjoy and feel free to comment.

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